Duo Seba et Horg's influences

Programado por Seba et Horg

Quebec’s retro rappers Seba et Horg have more than slick rhymes up their sleeves. Together, they revisit ‘90s rap and create rhythm-sparring flows. Turn up the volume and pay close attention to their social criticisms and vivid caricatures. Here are some of their best tracks as well as the artists that inspired their style.

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A Tribe Called Quest

Big Daddy Kane

Beastie Boys

Public Enemy


Wu-Tang Clan

Gang Starr

Alain Bashung

The Sugarhill Gang


Mes bras
50 Plus belles chansons d'Alain Bashung
Nouveau western
Prose Combat
Rapper's Delight
The Best Of The Sugarhill Gang
Push It
Hot, Cool & Vicious
Work It
Under Construction
Long Distance Runner
Red Medicine
The Show
Oh, My God!
It's Yours
Lyrical King
Stand Up
Chicken - N - Beer