Kids Music

Programado por Pierre-Jean Lavigne

A kids only radio station for your little ones.

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Baby Grands

Rocki Rolletti

Craig & Company

Joanie Bartels

Music With Brian

Lou Del Bianco

Barenaked Ladies

Bishop Marvin Winans

Paul Runnalls

Leeny and Tamara


The Never Ending Road
Earth, Moon and Stars
Charlie Crocodile
Rengi Pengi
When The Bell Rings
Pumkids: Tuneful Tales for Kids and Kin
Hole In The Ozone
Animal Tales
Take It Outside
Shoot For The Goal
Celebrate The Music
Way To Grow
We Share The Earth
Do The Hoover Manoeuver
Around The House
The Princess Wore Pink
Roy G. Biv
Here Comes Science