Clásicos del Country

Programado por Greg Torrington

Las piezas más amadas del Country clásico y tradicional.

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George Jones

Merle Haggard

Conway Twitty

Johnny Cash

Charley Pride

Waylon Jennings

Jim Reeves

Buck Owens

Dolly Parton

Sonny James


B.J. The D.J.
Life of a Poor Boy
In The Jailhouse Now
(I'm So) Afraid Of Losing You Again
Just Plain Charley
Begging To You
The Story Of My Life
Tears Of The Lonely
You Don't Know Me
Open Up Your Heart
Buck Owens & His Buckaroos in Japan!
It Takes People Like You
It Takes People Like You to Make People Like Me
Fifteen Years Ago
Fifteen Years Ago
Your Heart's Not In It
Classic Country Vol. Two
Soul Song
Soul Song