Walter Zwart

Walter Zwart is based in Amsterdam and programs numerous channels: Classic Rock, Total Hits NL, Nederpop, Nederpop Gold, Kleuterliedjes, Kinderliedjes, Piratenhits, Hollandsehits Gold, Love Songs, Cool Jazz, Feel Good Music and Stingray Lite TV. Walter grew up in a household where music took center stage. The Beatles and Bob Dylan were the soundtracks his childhood. At the age of 13, he built a radio transmitter to share his love of music with his friends.   Walter’s music career began in the mid-80s aboard the Caroline, the famous offshore pirate radio on which the movie Pirate Radio is based. He went on to work at Sky Radio for ten years. There he worked in program engineering and produced jingles and commercials for the station.     In 2008, he joined 2connect  Media  as a music programmer (the company was acquired by Stingray in 2014).