Stingray Rising Stars program


We know that some of the greatest talent out there is found in our own backyard. That is why we created the Stingray Rising Stars Program. Launched in 1998 as Galaxie Rising Star, this original program sets out to discover, encourage, promote and champion new up-and-coming Canadian artists. To that end, Stingray Music has partnered with numerous industry organisations and regional festivals to offer cash awards and provide showcase opportunities to great new Canadian talent of all genres.

With our unique approach, we're furthering our mandate to assist in the development of music in Canada. 

“Contributing to the career advancement of up-and-coming artists and their breakthrough into new markets is one of Stingray’s core values. The inspiring talent of Canadian artists make them true ambassadors of our creativity. Stingray wishes to tangibly participate in their success. It is therefore with enthusiasm that we renew every year our commitment by presenting Stingray Rising Stars awards at numerous events across the country,” said Mathieu Péloquin, Senior Vice-President, Marketing and Communications of Stingray.

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To be eligible to a nomination by the Stingray Rising Stars Program, the participant must be a new artist on the Canadian music scene. A "new artist on the Canadian music scene" is defined as an individual or group of Canadian origin, or with landed-immigrant status, residing in Canada. Eligible candidates are not required to already have recorded their work, but must have plans to do so in the near future.

Distribution of awards

The distribution of cash prizes is the "exclusive" responsibility of the Partners of the Stingray Rising Stars Program. Rising Stars Partners are also responsible for appointing the selection jury that will award the prizes.Stingray Music is in no way involved in the process of selecting Rising Stars nominees or winners, or in the appointment of jury members. However, one member from Stingray Music may sit on the selection jury if invited to do so by the Partners.


Rising Stars cash awards vary in amount and are intended primarily to assist the winners in promoting their music in the Canadian and/or foreign marketplace. In the case of Rising Stars winners whose music has been recorded and is available in digital format, they may receive international airplay on one or more of Stingray Music's channels. Additionally, to further support award winners, Rising Stars recipients are featured and promoted in Stingray Music's promotional material.

Rising Stars Partners

To qualify as a Rising Stars Partner, organizations must be recognized by the Canadian music industry. These Partners must show an interest in developing and promoting up-and-coming Canadian talent. The partnership is made at Stingray Music's own discretion.