Joseph Edgar

The charm and talent of singer-songwriter (and illustrator) Joseph Edgar are undeniable. Born in Moncton, he first won over audiences as part of the band Zéro ?Celsius before embarking on a solo career. Discover his unique voices, greatest pop-folk hits as well as some of his favorite songs.

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Neil Young and Crazy Horse

Cédric Vieno


Lisa LeBlanc

Talking Heads

David Bowie

Keith Kouna

Paul McCartney


Les Païens


Maquiller l'âne
Maquiller l'âne
Lignes d'Hydro
Lisa LeBlanc
L'extrême frontière
Carte blanche
Où est le soleil?
Flowers In The Dirt
Le Freak de Montréal
Chansons d'épouvante
The Future
Tic Tac
Du plaisir et des ombres
Girlfriend Is Better
Speaking In Tongues
Five Years
The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars
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