Instrumental Melodies

Curated by Dov Bencuya

When you want to let go of the stress of your day, you can’t do better than setting the mood for pure relaxation with these tranquil and soothing instrumental melodies.

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James Last

Bert Kaempfert

101 Strings


Roger Williams

Henry Mancini

John Schroeder City Of Westminster String Band

Ferrante & Teicher

Paul Mauriat

Billy Vaughn


The Homecoming
The Homecoming
Wiggle Wobble
Raging Harlem Hit Parade
The Wham Of That Memphis Man
Wipe Out
Wipe Out
Soulful Strut
Soulful Strut
I Got A Woman
Home Cookin'
The Hustle
Disco Baby
Gonna Fly Now (Theme From Rocky)
Rocky OST
A Fifth of Beethoven
Saturday Night Fever OST
More (Theme From Mondo Cane)