Mariachi y Ranchera

Curated by Rosa Nunez

This channel is the epitome of what Mariachi music stands for.This channel presents an impressive collection of music which demonstrates the wide range of Mexican Mariachi styles including: huapangos, valses, boleros, rancheras, ballads, corridos and redovas. Check out music from various states in Mexico which offer their own distinctive rhythms and strong vocals.

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Vicente Fernández

Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán

Javier Solís

Pepe Aguilar

Luis Miguel

Alejandro Fernández

José Alfredo Jiménez

Juan Gabriel

Antonio Aguilar

Pedro Fernández


Niña Amada Mia
La Catedral
La Catedral
Huapango Medley: Malagueña Salerosa / El Pastor / La Cigarra
Las Caras Lindas
Santo Toribio
Santo Toribio
Te Sigo Amando
Te Sigo Amando
Qué Tonto Corazón
Qué Tonto Corazón
La Llorona
Primero Soy Mexicana
Ya No Tiene Sentido
Ya No Tiene Sentido
Claro y Obvio
Viva Chihuahua
Lo Mejor de Mexico