Be transported to the movies and experience only cinema soundtrack hits. From current Hollywood blockbusters and timeless beloved classics from the silver screen, this channel is slated for the movie buff. An all-day movie soundtrack channel.

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Elton John


Olivia Newton-John

Stevie Wonder

Bee Gees

Phil Collins

David Bowie

Whitney Houston


Smiling Faces Sometimes
Dead Presidents OST
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective OST
Good Times
The In-Laws OST
Just What I Needed
Boys Don't Cry OST
Life is sweet
Nowhere OST
Don't Stop Me Now
Shaun of the Dead OST
That's The Way
Almost Famous OST
The Morning After
The Poseidon Adventure OST
The Weakness In Me
10 Things I Hate About You OST
Gonna Fly Now (Theme From Rocky)
Rocky OST