Latin Lounge

Curated by Rosa Nunez

Enjoy the sophisticated sounds and the relaxed mood that this channel creates while it celebrates the intricacies music has to offer. This channel offers a rich blend lounge music full of textures and beats.  Relax and be sure to join this Latin lounge party.

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Cafe Latino Dance Club


Gotan Project

Cafe Latino Dance Club & Bossa Nova Lounge Club

Bossa Nostra

Federico Aubele

Global Journey & Steve Hogarty

The Latin Love Project

Manuel Galbán

Ry Cooder


Short Trip
Latin American Folk Experiment
Tango In Dub
Fingers And Thumbs
Fruto Real
Latino Lounge
El Sol
Bassic Instinct No. 3
La Septima Ola
Ecoutez et Repetez
Roqueta To The Moon
Acapulco Golden
Vendendo saude and fe
coconut rock
Songo Pa Monk
Rumba a la Patato
Como Vou Fazer
Putumayo - Brazilian Lounge