Maximum Party

Let this be the soundtrack to any great party. No digging through your  collection, no DJ playing their favorites, just music guaranteed to  keep you and your guests movin’, groovin’ and singin’ along. Maximum  Party is a great way to get a party started and keep it going for as  long as you like.

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David Bowie

The Rolling Stones

Elton John

The Beach Boys


Duran Duran

Electric Light Orchestra

Bruce Springsteen

Elvis Presley


Born This Way
Born This Way
Walk The Dinosaur
Spy In The House Of Love
Cotton Eye Joe
Sex & Violins
Mama Let Him Play
Mama Let Him Play
Every 1's A Winner
Every 1's A Winner
Paradise By The Dashboard Light
Bat Out Of Hell
In A Big Country
The Crossing
Takin' Care Of Business
Bachman Turner Overdrive II
Rock Me Amadeus
Falco 3
Don't You (Forget About Me)
The Best Of Simple Minds