The Spa

Calm your soul, pacify your body and inspire your mind with purely  instrumental electro-acoustic music. The Spa is home to new age and  instrumental music creating an aural landscape that will transport you  to a peaceful and tranquil place. Hear the sounds of David Arkenstone,  George Winston, Yanni, Kitaro, Suzanne Ciani, Jim Brickman, Secret  Garden, Govi.

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Peter Kater

George Winston

Michael Jones

David Lanz

Steven Halpern

Mark Pinkus

Jim Brickman

Paul Avgerinos

Suzanne Ciani


With You In Mind
Blue Chip
Etude 19 In f # minor
Etudes For Solo Guitar in 24 Keys
Nocturne In D Minor OP.139
Beyond Black and White
The River Ebro
Memories Of Summer As A Child
Opus Rain- 3rd Move.
Portrait Of A Waterfall
Prism Bell
Sounds From The Wishing Well
Grace of the Wild
Scotland: Grace Of The Wild
Prairie Sky
Heart Of The Castle
First Light Frost Covered