Nothin' but '90s

Here’s where it starts to get interesting again. Seattle becomes the breeding ground for a new style, a new sound. Grunge spreads while pop still reigns. Take a musical journey through the last decade of the 20th century with this engaging mix of pop and alternative hits from the nineties, featuring Mariah Carey, U2, Tom Petty, Madonna, and many more. It’s hard to believe that 1990 was almost 25 years ago, it seems like only yesterday…

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Bryan Adams

Sarah McLachlan

Céline Dion

Barenaked Ladies

Amanda Marshall

Mariah Carey


Alanis Morissette

Janet Jackson

Tom Cochrane


Never Gonna Give Up
Yes Yes Yes...No No No
I've Just Seen a Face
Dark Dear Heart
Broken Bones
Love Inc
Third of June
Corey Hart
Introducing Happiness
Let It Rain
Amanda Marshall
Southern Rain
Black Eyed Man
The World Just Keeps On Turning
World Keeps on Turning
How Long Can a Man Be Strong
Hell to Pay
Spiritual Pollution