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Curated by Zachary Monson

The world’s best children’s entertainers and storytellers. Kids’Stuff is up to snuff for story time, sing-along time or just listening to your favourites from Disney films and other music aimed at youngsters.

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Splash'n Boots

Big Block Singsong


Mother Goose Club

Fred Penner

Will Stroet

Team T & J

Justin Time Band

The Wiggles

Bobs & Lolo


The Green Grass Grew All Around
Songs, Stories and Friends 2: Where the Path Will Wind
Dance a Little Dance
The Fuddles
What Do You Want for Lunch?
The Fuddles
Dirty Feet
Dirty Feet
Yodel Odel Day
Stick 2 Gether
Stick 2 Gether
Drip Drop
More Sheep, Less Sleep
Vowel Monkey
Stick 2 Gether
Marcello's Meatballs
It's a Viking Thing