Artist of the month : Marc Dupré

After touring across Quebec for the last decade, Marc Dupré has proven himself to be an inextricable pillar of French music. His latest album La vie qu’il nous reste offers electro-pop music that is purposeful, svelte, and modern. Give his latest music a listen combined with his personal favorites.

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Marc Dupré

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Billy Joel


Sam Smith

George Michael

Ed Sheeran

Maroon 5


Video Games
Video Games - EP
Come Sail Away
The Grand Illusion
Je l'ai jamais dit à personne
Je l'ai jamais dit a personne
Un ange qui passe
Quand je ferme les yeux
Vox Pop
The Power Of Love
The Colour Of My Love
Pour moi c'est toi
La route infinie
Here Comes The Rain Again
The Ultimate Collection
Sans adieux
Debout dans l'ombre
I'm On Fire
Born In The U.S.A.