Discover a beautiful and dramatic selection of traditional Chinese and Western classical music compositions and opera performances. They have left their mark on the centuries and continue to inspire!

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Liu Yuzhong

Yang Youhe

Ruo Huang

Future In REverse

Peng Cao

Pan Jing and Ensemble

Wang Guotong

University Of St. Thomas Symphonic Wind Ensemble

Xun-fa Yu

Matthew George


Wishing Longevity to Old People and Happiness to the Whole Family in the New Year Celebration
Chinese Opera Music Album: The White Haired Girl
Waves After Waves in Honghu Lake
Selected Chinese Opera
Cannot Do It Without Their Consent
Chinese Opera Music Album: The Marriage of Little Er Hei
Cutting River Water with an Axe
Chinese Opera Music Album: The Marriage of Little Er Hei
Celebrating the Lantern Festival
Four Seasons In China
Dance Of The Yao People
The Classical Music of the Gold Finger
Spring Festival Overture
Four Seasons In China
Snow In the Bright Spring
Four Seasons In China
Desheng Ge (Victory Song) / Guiyi (Taking Refuge)
Dongjing Music - Where Confucian, Taoist and Buddhist Culture Meet
Kang Ding Love Song
Operatic Arias & Chinese Classics