Caribbean Vintage Vibes

A channel that blends the best of folk and traditional "island songs" of yesteryear from all around the West Indies: Mento, R, Ska and Rocksteady from Jamaica; Calypso, Rapso and Parang from Trinidad & Tobago; Goombay from The Bahamas, Kompa from Haïti and Zouk from the french Antilles. Nuff memories guaranteed on Caribbean Vintage Vibes!

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Mighty Sparrow

Lord Kitchener

The Skatalites

Roland Alphonso

Derrick Morgan

The Heptones

Nemours Jean-Baptiste

Les Léopards

Percentie Brothers

George Symonette


Tumbélé combo moderno
Boum Vacances
Vibrations Antilles
Vibrations Antilles
En ka vive kan mimm'
Et Cie
A la Bananeraie
Festival Musical a paris
Cache cache lubin
Vacances en Haïti
Barre fe la
Gerard Nerplat
La peau fromage
Aux Antilles
Vrai bonheur
Vacances en Haïti