Cover Songs

Cover Songs

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Nouvelle Vague

Easy Star All-Stars

Cobra Verde

Rockabye Baby!

Tori Amos

The Moog Cookbook

Johnny Cash

Michael Armstrong

Grant-Lee Phillips

Paul Anka


Rainy Days And Mondays
If I Were A Carpenter
Vicar In A Tutu
The Smiths Is Dead
When Doves Cry
Ginuwine...The Bachelor
So Long, Farewell
Hitler Bad, Vandals Good
'Til My Baby Comes Home
So Amazing: An All-Star Tribute To Luther Vandross
Hey You
Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions Of Pink Floyd
It's Not Over Yet
Myths Of The Near Future
By Your Side
Once We Were Trees
In My Life
This Bird Has Flown: 40th Anniversary Tribute To Rubber Soul