Folk Roots

Creative and poignant stories and traditional songs with masterful performances underscore the ambiance of folk roots. Listen to the many legends from the folk world’s past and the new generation of prolific troubadours touring coffeehouses, clubs, theaters, and festivals, in this essential mix.

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Kris Drever

Ashley Condon

Sneezy Waters

Joe Nolan


Kieran Kane

Rufus Wainwright

Eric Andersen

Rockin' Sidney

The Stills-Young Band


It's a Shame
Temperance Hotel
Ten Degrees And Getting Colder
One More Time Before You Go
One More Time Before You Go
One More Time Before You Go
A Better Place
Tightening of the Screws
Spirit To The Sea
Blood On The Page
Tightening of the Screws
Night Drive
Everything at the Same Time
Out On the Western Plains
A Passing Glimpse
The Herring Girl
Songs Lost & Stolen
Donald and Lydia
John Prine