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Undeniable nostalgia. Impressive audacity. Philippe Brach is a reflecting pool of heartaches and dreams. He exposes us to full-bodied songs, crafty sonic plays, and thrilling interludes. Immerse yourself in his third album, Le silence des troupeaux, as well as his favorite tracks.

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Philippe Brach

The Band

Lana del Rey


Sean Ono Lennon

Soweto Gospel Choir

Kirk Franklin

David Bowie

Fanny Bloom

Elton John


Sitting In Limbo / This Little Light of Mine / M'Lilo Vutha Mathanjeni / If You Ever Needed the Lord
African Spirit
Paranoid Android
OK Computer
Brighter Day
The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin
Tomorrow Never Came
Lust For Life
Wild Is The Wind
Station To Station
The Magician
The Party
Atoms for Peace
The Eraser
Chanson noire
L'heptade XL