Selecionado por Pierre-Jean Lavigne

Follow French Canadian rockers, Caravane, down a scintillating and biting musical path.  Turn up the volume land et intensity of their corrosive and intoxicating sound carry you away. Also features tracks by some of their favourite artists.

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Avec pas d'casque

Marie-Pierre Arthur

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Arcade Fire

Bruce Springsteen

Klô Pelgag

Les Hay Babies

Philippe Brach

Les Breastfeeders

Tame Impala


L'ennui cherche un amour
Hit Parade
An Awesome Wave
Concerto Rock
Dolce Désir
De pluie et de cendres
D'étoiles, de pluie et de cendres
Lovin' You Ain't Easy
Le Monstre
Down In The Flood
Already Free
Heart of a Dog
Ash & Ice
Skinny Jeans
The Good Years (Dirty Work)
Back Down
Future Nostalgia