Les choix de Rémi Chassé

Selecionado por Pierre-Jean Lavigne

The career of singer-songwriter-rocker Rémi Chassé truly took off in 2015 with the launch of his first solo album Debout dans l’ombreand the release of the first single Sans Adieux that quickly climbed to the top of the radio charts. Discover the universally-themed original compositions that have earned him immediate public acclaim and the pop-tracks that have inspired him. To be enjoyed without moderation!

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Arcade Fire


Guillaume Beauregard


Kings of Leon

The Hives

Marie-Pierre Arthur

Arctic Monkeys



Roadhouse Blues
Morrison Hotel
La question à 100 piasses
Love Illumination
Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action
Ciao Bye Ciao
27 Club
Could Have Been Me
Everybody Wants
Can't Get Enough
Bad Company
Oh Maman
Cri Primal
Born to Die
Idle No More
Always Alright
Always Alright - Single
Skinny Little Girl
Head in the Dirt