À nous l'été!

Selecionado por Pierre-Jean Lavigne

Listen to the music that moves the participants of the new web reality series À nous, l’été! Marie-Ève, Jayme, Marilou C., Simon, Isabelle, Sam, Marilou É., Anthony and Mila have selected for you their favourite tracks across all genres. Watch episodes 1-4 starting September 4th. Following episodes will be available every Friday, exclusively to Videotron Mobile subscribers.

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Ben Howard

Linkin Park

Chris Brown


A$AP Rocky

Jack Johnson

Robin Schulz

David Guetta

The All-American Rejects

Bruno Mars


Country Girl (Shake It For Me)
Tailgates & Tanlines
Uptown Funk
Uptown Special
Follow The Sun
Spirit Bird
Le scotch goûte le vent
No 2
Reise Reise
Reise, Reise
Gives You Hell
When The World Comes Down
Arrival In Nara
This Is All Yours
Thrift Shop
The Heist
Give Me Love
+ (Plus)
1000 Forms Of Fear