50's Rock 'N' Roll

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50's Rock 'N' Roll

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Elvis Presley

Chuck Berry

Fats Domino

Cliff Richard

Jerry Lee Lewis

Bo Diddley

The Everly Brothers

Ricky Nelson

Gene Vincent

Buddy Holly


Put Your Head On My Shoulder
30th Anniversary Collection
Stagger Lee
Mr. Personality's 15 Hits
The Book Of Love
Who Wrote The Book Of Love?
I Only Have Eyes For You
Flamingo Serenade
Rock and Roll Is Here To Stay
Golden Classics Edition
To Know Him Is To Love Him
Back To Mono (1958-1969)
Only Sixteen
The Man And His Music
Tears On My Pillow
We Are The Imperials
Please, Please, Please
Please Please Please
My Boyfriend's Back
Sweet Talkin' Girls - The Best of the Chiffons