Selecionado por Gill Roberts

The ultimate in back to nature. The trill of birds, the hum of insects, the haunting howl of a wolf.

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Gene Pierson

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Del Richards

Peter Samuels


Frog Songs
Frog Songs
Rainforest 1
Striated Pardalote, Weebill, Olive-Backed Oriole, White-Throated Gerygone, Black-Throated Finch And Rufous Whistler
Birdsongs in the Australian Bush
Crystal Tibetan Singing Bowls By The Sea
Sacred Sounds
Whale Song 2
Whale Song
Brush Cuckoo, White-Bellied Cuckoo-Shrike, Laughing Kookaburra, Noisy Friarbird, Dollarbird
Our Favorite Birdsongs of Australia
Chowchilla, Also Eastern Whipbird, Superb Fruit-Dove, Lewin's Honeyeater, Australian Fernwren, Black Butcherbird
Our Favorite Birdsongs of Australia
Sulphur-Creasted Cockatoo, Little Shrike-Thrush
Our Favorite Birdsongs of Australia
Birdsongs of the Billabong
Australia Voices of the Outback