Light Classical

Selecionado por Gill Roberts

Bach without the bite! Welcome to the gentler side of classical music; an ideal introduction for those who are new to the genre. Features the most accessible and familiar classical music pieces, and a few equally pleasing but lesser known compositions.

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Yo-Yo Ma

Slava & Leonard Grigoryan

Alistair McGowan

John Williams

The Piano Guys

Slava Grigoryan

Johann Sebastian Bach

Frédéric Chopin

Ezio Bosso

Lang Lang


Chopin: Nocturne in C-sharp minor Op.Posth.
Romance of the Violin
Les Biches (Adagietto)
Poulenc: Aubade, Les Biches, Les Animaux Modèles, Discours Du Général & Gnossienne
Tchaikovsky: Serenade for Strings Op.48 - Élégie: Larghetto elegiaco
StradivariFestival Chamber Orchestra
Dance Of The Paper Umbrellas
Hush Collection Volume 13
Now, O Now I Needs Must Part
Chopin: Sonata for cello and piano in G minor op. 65 - IV. Finale. Allegro
The Chopin Album
Madama Butterfly (Humming Chorus)
Ambrosian Chorus/Philharmonia/Maazel
Troika Variations
Guitar Recital: Russian Guitar Music
Red Hot + Bach
Carnival of the Animals (The Swan)
Le Carnaval Des Animaux