Kids Music

Samengesteld door Pierre-Jean Lavigne

A kids only radio station for your little ones.

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Baby Grands

Rocki Rolletti

Craig & Company

Music With Brian

Joanie Bartels

Lou Del Bianco

Barenaked Ladies

Bishop Marvin Winans

Craig 'N Co.

Leeny and Tamara


Since You Were Born
The Stella And Sam Album
Barbie's Head Is Missing
I Wanna Play
Fussy Time
Catch A Tune
Charlie Crocodile
Rengi Pengi
Rockin' Robin
I Dream Of Pizza
Peter Rabbit
Songs For The Young And Young At Heart
Fruit Boogie
A Baker's Dozen
Blue Jean Baby
Baby DJ
Dinosaur Dream
Amazing Journey
Let's Go To The Park
Summer Sun Fun