Vincent Vallières Celebrity Channel

Samengesteld door Vincent Vallières

A mainstay of Quebec charts, Vincent Vallières creates songs of beauty and longing. His luminescent style delivers a perfect balance of folk and pop-rock. Discover his biggest hits and tracks that inspired his signature sound.

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Vincent Vallières

Bob Dylan

The Beatles

Neil Young


Arcade Fire


The Rolling Stones

The Band

Jean Leloup


Working Class Hero
Plastic Ono Band
Tu n'es pas libre
Tu m'intimides
Chelsea Hotel No 2
New Skin for the Old Ceremony
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Greatest Hits
Le repère tranquille
Le Repère Tranquille
Loma Vista
I'll Follow The Sun
Beatles For Sale
Chacun dans son espace
Notre sentier (Spectacle)
Le P'tit Bonheur
Faut que tu fesses fort
Trente Arpents