Kids Music

Programmée par Pierre-Jean Lavigne

A kids only radio station for your little ones.

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Rocki Rolletti

Baby Grands

Joanie Bartels

Craig & Company

Music With Brian

Lou Del Bianco

Barenaked Ladies

Bishop Marvin Winans

Paul Runnalls

Dudley The Dragon


The Never Ending Road
Earth, Moon and Stars
The Ants In Your Pants Dance
Songs From The Treehouse
Shoot For The Goal
Celebrate The Music
Let's Go To The Park
Summer Sun Fun
Video Stars
There's A Little Cowboy In All Of Us
Bird & Dragon
Drum Circle Sing-A-Long
Who Put The Bomp
Jibbery Jive
Time To Get Ready To Go
Feel The Music
A Kiss From Her True Love's Lips
Wooleycat's Favorite Fairy Tales
Cool To Be Uncool
Make Your Own Someday