Musik Für Erwachsene

Programmée par Stephan Halfpap

A refuge from the frothy pop – German rock music for grown up ears. The top German rock songs offering an interesting mix from the everyday.

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James Blunt


David Bowie

Ed Sheeran

Jason Mraz

Simply Red

Robbie Williams





The Sound Of Sunshine
The Sound Of Sunshine
Feel So High
I Ain't Movin'
From Out of Nowhere
From Out of Nowhere
Once Upon A Long Ago
Press To Play
Leb Den Tag
Die Frage Wie
Just Around The Corner
After Here Through Midland
Walking Aimlessly
The Night Visitor
Over The Rainbow
Facing Future
Das absolute Glück
Lieder vom Ende des Kapitalismus
In Meinem Leben
Made In Germany