Mandarin Hits

Programmée par Stingray Music Team

Treat yourself a musical trip down memory lane! This channel features the most popular Mandarin songs to have climbed the charts in the ‘80s, ‘90s, and ‘00s.

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Jay Chou

Lei Han

Xiaoming Su

Huan Liu

Mingman Cheung

A-Mei Chang


JJ Lin

Lao Lang

Hei Ya zi (Black Duck Group)


What You Worry
What You Worry - EP
It's Alright
Love Me Hate Me
The Gray
The Inner Me
Not Over You
Until We Meet
You Listen to Me Good
rice & shine
Why I Cried
The Great Escape
At Least You
Those Years, We Have Heard From The Song
Dark Playing
Naughty Kids
Chong Dong de Cheng Fa
2002 Nian de Di Yi Chang Xue
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