Programmée par Pierre-Jean Lavigne

Be transported to the movies and experience only cinema soundtrack hits. From current Hollywood blockbusters and timeless beloved classics from the silver screen, this channel is slated for the movie buff. An all-day movie soundtrack channel.

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Elton John


Olivia Newton-John

Phil Collins

Stevie Wonder

Bee Gees

The Beatles

David Bowie


Hong Kong Garden
Marie Antoinette OST
Diamonds Are Forever
Diamonds Are Forever OST
Star Wars (Main Title)
Star Wars OST
Love Stinks
Opie Gets Laid OST
Tubular Bells Part 1
The Exorcist OST
You Sexy Thing
The Full Monty OST
For Your Eyes Only
For Your Eyes Only OST
Back To Life (However Do You Want Me)
Club Classics Vol. One
Ready To Take The Chance Again
Foul Play OST
Come Here
Before Sunrise OST