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Undeniable nostalgia. Impressive audacity. Philippe Brach is a reflecting pool of heartaches and dreams. He exposes us to full-bodied songs, crafty sonic plays, and thrilling interludes. Immerse yourself in his third album, Le silence des troupeaux, as well as his favorite tracks.

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Philippe Brach

The Band

The War on Drugs

Kevin Morby

Klô Pelgag

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Alaclair Ensemble

Dany Placard


Diane Tell


Thinking Of A Place
A Deeper Understanding
Beautiful Strangers
Beautiful Strangers
Heaven Only Knows
Les animaux
L'étoile thoracique
Ça Que C'tait
Les Frères Cueilleurs
Parc'qui m'fallait
Démon Vert
Bold As Love
Axis: Bold As Love
Are You Serious
Sitting In Limbo / This Little Light of Mine / M'Lilo Vutha Mathanjeni / If You Ever Needed the Lord
African Spirit
Souvent, Longtemps, Énormément