MAX 90s Hits

Programado por Gill Roberts

Do you remember the '90s with its grunge rock, boy bands, and divas with big attitudes and even bigger voices? This channel has it all, from Nirvana's groundbreaking anthems to MC Hammer's chart-topping hits.

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Mariah Carey

Janet Jackson

Whitney Houston

Michael Jackson

Kylie Minogue

Human Nature

Spice Girls

Lenny Kravitz

Bryan Adams


Happy Birthday Helen
The Yearning
One Of Us
Even When I'm Sleeping
Angel Blood
Rush You
Baby Animals
I Don't Want To Be With Nobody But You
Here's Looking Up Your Address
Don't Call Me Baby
The Polyester Embassy
Hormonally Yours
Ready To Go
Love... Thy Will Be Done
Martika's Kitchen
I'm So Into You
It's About Time