La Voix 6 - the 4 finalists

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Imagine you made it to the final of a televised singing competition and had to choose songs that would wow the judges. Grab the mic and unleash your inner star by singing along to hits by Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gay, and many other classic jams.

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Édith Piaf

Nina Simone

Michael Jackson

Beth Hart

Mumford & Sons

Janis Joplin

Marvin Gaye

Shirley Ann Lee

Amy Winehouse

Tina Turner


Private Dancer
Down In Mexico
50 Coastin' Classics: Anthology
Faut qu’on bouge
Next Lifetime
Her Lies
The Reckoning
Total Eclipse Of The Heart
Faster Than The Speed Of Night
The Sky Is Cryin'
Retrospectives: Gary B.B. Coleman
La mer
Les N°1 de Charles Trenet
Iron Sky
Caustic Love
Un musicien parmi tant d'autres