Quebec Carnival

Curated by Charles Boyer

Experience one of the world's largest winter carnivals and warm your heart up with a specially curated Carnaval de Québec channel, featuring instrumental folk, dance rhythms, and old-time pieces by artists like Simon-Charles Cyr, Fiddle'n folks, and Dj Jacky Pop. Celebrate Quebec with these lovingly delivered tunes!

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Le Vent du Nord

Les Cowboys Fringants

La Volée D'Castors


Mes Aïeux

Mauvais Sort

La Bottine Souriante


Les Batinses

Les Tireux d'Roches


Nicolas Pellerin et les grands hurleurs
Le vin est bon
Les métamorphoses
If Only Alarms Didn't Ring
Jack a Dit EP
Dance! Dance! Dance!
Crazy Swing
The Electro Swing Revolution, Vol. 3
Swing Thing
The Electro Swing Revolution - Essential Tracks, Vol. 2
La belle Province
La Voix Humaine
Electro Swing Fever
Un monstre sous mon lit
Bonnie and Clyde
Mon homesick heart