Renee Wilkin's influences

Curated by Renée Wilkin

Following the launch of her first album, “L’amour, la guerre”, in 2015, Renee Wilkin is back with “Soul 67”, an album of timeless R&B tracks that shaped contemporary pop music. Listen to her intoxicating hits and songs by her favourite artists.

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Renée Wilkin

Mary J. Blige

Stevie Wonder

Ray Charles

Dinah Washington

Marvin Gaye

Billy Paul

Al Green


Amy Winehouse


What's Going On
What's Going On
For The Good Times
I'm Still In Love With You
Me And Mrs. Jones
360 Degrees Of Billy Paul
Mind Body & Soul
Tous Les Mêmes
Racine Carrée
You Know I'm No Good
Back To Black
Ready For Love
Acoustic Soul
Lean On Me
Still Bill
MacArthur Park
The Four Tops Now!
Bump In the Road
Turn Around