Sugar Shack

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The only channel you need to bring home the folkloric and festive ambiance of a Quebec sugar shack. Accompany your sugar high with a side dish of traditional songs, reels and gigues.

Music Programmer


Charles Boyer

As a child Charles Boyer's world was encompassed by rock n’ roll music. His father was one of the few Canadians to attend Elvis Presley's concert on April 3, 1957 in Ottawa. From this show, the passion for rock n ‘roll was passed on from father to son.

Consequently, his love of music led him to positions in radio such as, coordinator of a student run college radio station and host on a community radio station (Radio Centre-Ville Montreal).

With a background in computer sound engineering, he worked on various commercial soundtracks for companies such as: Rogers, Yoplait, and Volkswagen.

After winning the Coup de cœur award at the International song festival in Granby with his group Chapeaumelon, he toured various clubs and festivals throughout Quebec and made three appearances at the renowned Montreal Francofolies. In 2003, his first album made its way to the top ten on the charts of the newspaper Le Devoir; and was ranked among such artists as Jean Leloup and Ariane Moffat.

Always in his element on stage, he did, however, not leave behind his love for studio recordings. His material and songs were used on various American TV shows, including Las Vegas and Scooby Doo to name a few. One of his compositions was also incorporated into the Hollywood film "Eurotrip".

Having evolved in the field of music for several years, he is now pursuing the musical adventure of the creation of musical content for the Galaxie music channels.

The spillover of his father's love of rock n' roll had an enormous effect on Charles as he is now the content manager for several Galaxie channels; Nostalgie, Franco Retro and Jukebox Oldies as well as programmer of Souvenirs. The love of music is transcends time and generations.


Les Cowboys Fringants
La Bottine Souriante
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Johnny Cash
Shania Twain
Yves Lambert
La Volée D'Castors
Les Colocs
Isabeau et les chercheurs d'or


La Bittt à Tibi
Raôul Duguay
Mon voisin
Les Frères à ch'val
Dégénérations / Le reel du fossé
Mes Aïeux
Embarque ma belle
Dance the Night Away
The Mavericks
Le grand six-pieds
Claude Gauthier
La démone
Salut grand-nez
Vent du nord
Le reel à l'année longue
Edith Butler
Le cou de ma bouteille
Les Charbonniers de l'Enfer