Laurence Jalbert : 40 years of songs

Celebrate the 40th anniversary of singer-songwriter Laurence Jalbert’s remarkable career! Discover (or rediscover) the hits that have earned her the public’s adoration, as well as a selection of her personal favourites.

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Pierre Flynn

Ingrid St-Pierre

Alain Bashung

Paul Daraîche

Ian Kelly

Isabelle Boulay

Roch Voisine

Jean Leloup

Catherine Major

John Hiatt


Capitaine, ô capitaine
Sur la terre
La nuit je mens
Fantaisie Militaire
Ma petite mam’zelle de chemin
À ma mère (Perce les nuages)
Mes amours, mes amis
Take Me Home
Speak your mind
Johnny Go
Le Dôme
Nos délicats
La maison du monde
Lipstick Sunset
Bring The Family
Si fragile
Sauvez mon âme
Tennessee Whiskey