Specials – Sing Your Vision

Can't wait to find out who is going to win this year? In the spirit of this year's Eurovision Song Contest, we have put together a station dedicated to all things Europop, featuring the greatest hits from ESC artists of the past and today, including ABBA, Duncan Laurence, Céline Dion, Loreen, Lordi, Joost Klein and many more.

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Paule Desjardins

Tina Karol

Raquel Rastenni

Margot Hielscher

Gustav Winckler

Nunzio Gallo

Charlotte Nilsson

Walter Andreas Schwarz

Remedios Amaya

Cornelia Jakobs


Blijf Zoals Je Bent
Laat Me Nu Gaan
Listen To Your Heartbeat
Blickar som tänder
It's for You
Children of the Universe
Ik Hou Van Jou
You Let Me Walk Alone
Let Me Try