Indie Classics

From the days when Alternative really meant Alternative. The most influential tracks from Punk to Britpop. Appealing to a generation of album buyers and also an essential reference point for anyone wanting to trace the history of Alternative Rock.

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David Bowie

Depeche Mode

The Cure


Elvis Costello


Joy Division

Echo & The Bunnymen

Iggy Pop



Up the Down Escalator
Script of the Bridge
Waiting For The Night
Life During Wartime
Fear Of Music
Karma Police
OK Computer
For the Love of Ash Grey
Hallelujah All the Way Home
Bitches Brew
Revenge of the Goldfish
The Whole Of The Moon
This Is The Sea
Chlorine Dream
Mark Goodier Radio 1 Sessions
I'm Free
This Town
Every Conversation: The Story of the June Brides & Phil Wilson