From the days when rock’n’roll was young and Jive was the only dance in town! Relive the era of the '40s and '50s by tuning into this channel. Music that not only shaped a generation, but also influenced fashion, attitude and language.

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Elvis Presley

Chuck Berry

The Everly Brothers

Buddy Holly

Little Richard

Bo Diddley

Gene Vincent

Fats Domino

Eddie Cochran

Ray Charles


Reet Petite
Mr. Excitement
Will You Love Me Tomorrow
Tonight's the Night
The Loco-Motion
Go, Champs, Go!
Shakin' All Over
25 Greatest Hits
The Book Of Love
Who Wrote The Book Of Love?
Bony Moronie
Bad Boy Of Rock 'n' Roll
King Of The Wild Guitar
Blue Moon
Blue Moon
Blueberry Hill
Out Of New Orleans