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Curated by Gill Roberts

Get ready for family sing-alongs! The world’s best children’s entertainers and storytellers come together in this fun and upbeat channel.

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The Wiggles

Patsy Biscoe

The Fairies

Fred Mollin

Raimond Lap

Dora The Explorer

Marcy Marxer

Justine Clarke

Cathy Fink

Hi 5


Ukulele Lullaby
Pyjama Jam!
Close Your Eyes
Gentle Piano Lullabies – Baby Sleep Aid, Help Your Baby Sleep, Soft Music to Relax for Newborn, Songs for Toddlers, Relaxing and Southing Sounds for Babies
Go To Sleep
Lullabies to Dreamland
Sleep, Baby, Sleep
Til Their Eyes Shine
Over The Rainbow
Lullaby's & Goodnight
Love Me Tender
Lullaby's & Goodnight
Rock A Bye Sheep
Morning N Night
Brahms Lullaby
Good Night Sleep Tight
Morning N Night