Chillout Lounge

Curated by Gill Roberts

In the mood to chill? Enter the hip and swanky atmosphere of the Chill Lounge where soft electronica, trip hop and acid jazz awaits.  

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Zero 7


Various Artists

Chris Coco

Audio Shaman


45 Dip

Christophe Goze




Cooly's Wages
The Chillout Lounge
Don't Fly Away (The Maneken Remix)
Blue Marlin Ibiza 2012
Linda Cancao
Ibiza Beats - Volume 2 (Sunset Chill & Beach Lounge)
In Space (After Hours Mix) (Digital Version)
Mastercuts Lifestyle Ibiza Chill (Digital Version)
50 Classics Chillout Lounge Vol 2
Beautiful (7" Canny Mix)
Cafe Del Mar Volume 6
Fabulous (Santerna & Invisible Sounds Chill Mix)
50 Classics Chillout Lounge Vol 2
Whispering Wind
Café Del Mar, Vol. 7
My people
50 Classics Chillout Lounge Vol 2
The Traveller (Digital Version)
Bar De Lune Presents Buddhist Chillout (Digital Version)