TEST (Short songs)

Curated by Henry Van Den Hoogen

TEST (Short songs)

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Giovanni Gabrieli

Les Animeries

Gilles Vigneault

Laurence Jalbert

Gabrieli Consort & Players

Paul McCreesh

Rachel Buchman

The Jimmies


Vanessa Williams


Sing A Song Of Seasons
Sing A Song Of Seasons
Somebody's Birthday
Make Your Own Someday
C'est le vieux pipo
Un dimanche à Kyoto
Sleep Well Little Children
Star Bright
Humma Ha Ba Ba
Heartbeat 2
Trouser Jazz
Sesame Street Playground
Joy To The World
Noël des Anges
My Sister is a Popsicle
The Little Blue dog
Avez-vous des sous?
Un dimanche à Kyoto