Lounge House

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A selection of uplifting electronic songs, sunny enough to set a summer mood no matter the weather.

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Ananda Project

Blank & Jones

The Rurals

Jaidene Veda

Miguel Migs

Pietro Nicosia

Lisa Shaw


Blue Six

Scott Diaz


relaxin' at club fn
Waltz For Koop
All About You
All About You EP
Blue Cheese Jazz Café
To Them to Me (Vincenzo's Teardrop Remix)
Holz Remixes
Time After Time
Chillin' In Love (60 Top Chill Out Love Song)
I Know You Were Right
Juan Maclean: DJ-KiCKS
Crazy Day
Beautiful Barcelona (Chill House Deluxe)
Just Right
The Rise Above Vinyl
Silent Viewer (Chopstick & John John Remix)
Calo Des Moro
Buddha-Bar Beach Barcelona