Cantonese Classics

Featuring a collection of songs by the most successful and influential Cantonese artists of the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s. Great memories guaranteed!

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Bluebird Group

Liu Tianyi

Jay Chou


Mingman Cheung

Xiaoming Su

Huan Liu

Wei Wei

Hei Ya zi (Black Duck Group)

Lao Lang


Maple Tree Mood
The Prime of Life: Cantonese Classics
Raindrops Pattering On Banana Leaves
New Cantonese Music: The Red Flickering Light of Candle
Tong Yi Zu Xian
Zhong Hua Ge Tan Ming Ren-Wei Wei
My Dearest A-Mei - The Music Within Me (2015 Edition)
Sunset at Taihu (Tai Lake)
Musical Imagery of Chinese Landscapes, Vol. 2: A Path Follows the Cloud
You Are My Jupiter
On the Way To the Stars
Hao Ren Yi Sheng Ping An
Zhong Hua Ge Tan Ming Ren-Li,Na
High Mountain and Flowing Water
Emerging Lotus - Chinese Traditional Guzheng Music
Shi Ji Xing
Huan Sheng Xiao Yu
Waves After Waves In Honghu Lake (Hong Hu Shui Lang Da Lang)
Classic Chinese Folk Songs, Vol. 5 (Zhong Guo Min Zu Ge Qu Jing Dian Wu)