Born as a mix between the relentless rhythm of the African drums and the music of the early Spanish colonists; and with a name taken from the Latin word 'tangere' (to touch), Tango has entered the 21th century as one of the world's most acclaimed music styles. Even more, it has become a culture, a way of life. This channel brings the sensuality of the music into your home.

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Aníbal Troilo

Orquesta de Alfredo De Angelis

Adriana Varela

Oscar Larroca

Alberto Moran

Lalo Martel

Angel Vargas Con Angel D'Agostino Y Orquesta

Alberto Castillo

Enrique Rodriguez & His Orchestra

Hector Maure


El Once
El Llorón
Milongas Sólo Milongas
Madame Ivonne
Entre Tu Amor Y Mi Amor
La Cancion
Gallo Ciego
Los Grandes Cantores
The Greatest Tango Collection Ever Made