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The world’s best children’s entertainers and storytellers. Kids’Stuff is up to snuff for story time, sing-along time or just listening to your favourites from Disney films and other music aimed at youngsters.

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Kidz Bop Kids

Mother Goose Club

The Kiboomers

Splash'n Boots


Sharon, Lois & Bram

The Muppets

The Wiggles

Fred Penner

They Might Be Giants


Down In New Orleans
The Princess And The Frog
Under The Sea
The Little Mermaid Ost
I See Something Blue
Super Simple Songs 1
If You're Happy And You Know It
Toddler Favorites
Joe's Mother
Sunday in Kyoto
The Sound Of Music
It's All Right
Soul (OST)
Part Of Your World
Classic Disney, Vol. 2
I Love You Too Much
The Book of Life (OST)
Something That I Want
Tangled Soundtrack