Caribbean Vintage Vibes

This selection blends the best of folk and traditional island songs from the West Indies. Treat yourself to the beautiful melodies of authentic Caribbean musical genres: mento, ska, parang, goombay, and much more!

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Mighty Sparrow

Lord Kitchener

The Skatalites

Roland Alphonso

Derrick Morgan

The Heptones

Nemours Jean-Baptiste

Percentie Brothers

Les Léopards

Lord Melody


Le bon chouchou
Boum Vacances
D'leau la ka monté
Boum Vacances
La peau fromage
Aux Antilles
Tumbélé combo moderno
Boum Vacances
El Rey
A la Bananeraie
Vibrations Antilles
Daniel Dimba
En ka vive kan mimm'
Et Cie
Pa fem ca
Deux Chances
Kings of CadenceLypso